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Time Goes On. Just You Wait.

 ***spoilers for episode six of Loki ahead***  ***for my thoughts on episode five see previous post ***

Sever the Nerve

 ***spoilers for Black Widow ahead***

Cops driving badly

  Cops aren't only reckless with their guns but also their cruisers. For example last week during a chase the Minneapolis Police crashed into and killer another innocent driver. The bystander was the uncle of Darnella Frazier, the young woman who filmed George Floyd's murder last summer. 

Narcissistic Loki Variants Work Together to Defeat Cloud Monster

*** spoilers for episode five of Loki ahead***  ***for my thoughts on episode four see previous post ***

Cops play music hoping to get videos struck down

At a per-trial hearing for the former cop (Jason Fletcher) that killed Steven Taylor in a Walmart , the Anti-Police-Terror Project caught another cop brazenly trying to skirt accountability.