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No More Chosen Ones

*** some spoilers for the  Dune  books,  The Green Knight, and Benedetta ahead *** We're all familiar with the chosen one : the singular hero who is destined to save the world/universe. You know, like Jesus or Harry Potter  or a Skywalker . It's a convenient template to craft a story from. Yes , has been overplayed for millennia. Stories that attempt to subvert the trope have been made, such as  Dune , in which later books in the series reveals the savior to be just another oppressor. We've yet to see if Denis Villeneuve will make this clear in his to-be-continued Dune adaptian .  The Matrix Resurrections didn't quite deliver on the potential established in the original trilogy. Neo is once again the central hero decades later. Other films from 2021, however, have had more bite. In The Green Knight , the hero, Sir Gawain, is shown to be a mixed bag. The film ends without definitive answers, but we do get to see a possible future in which Gawain grows to become a ru