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Favorite Cinema from Last Year

Every year I create a document on my computer to list all the movies and shows I watch that year. I give myself until the Oscars to see all my most anticipated and the most acclaimed movies of the year. Only then do I finalize my rankings of the best of the year. That much is expected of any cinephile, though I choose to list episodic content along feature length films and documentaries. Now that I think of it, I should probably include short films and music videos on my list too. At this point in history is there really much to differentiate any type of motion picture besides their length?  Well, the Academy Awards are tonight and tomorrow or so the cinema of 2021 will be too dated to write about, so I better share my opinions fast. Before I share my top 10... or top 12, I'd like to write a few words on some stand-outs, none of which have been nominated for the big award show tonight. By the way, I don't have anything revelatory to say about The   Power of the Dog at the mome