31 days of Horror 😱

I've decided to reignite this blog by giving myself a challenge this October. I'll be watching and reviewing a horror film each day of this month. That's 31 movies, but actually 33 since I'll be counting the recent The Fear Street trilogy as one entry. I might see more... for the fun it of it, if time permits, but only the movies listed will get reviews. Ok.. so there's no guarantee I'll succeed, but surely it'll get me to write at a more consistent pace by month's end. And if I enjoy myself, I may repeat the challenge every year or so.

The list consists of horror or horror-adjacent movies I've been meaning to watch... and a few I want to revisit. Some are more obscure than others, bug I tried to pick out ones I think I'll like. Plenty have been left out, which leaves them for another year or as extra credit. Follow along if you wish; reviews will likely contain spoilers. This post will be updated if I decide to rearrange things and with links to the reviews as the days pass. You'll notice the list is in chronological order. This way I get to better see the evolution of horror over the decades. 

Here we go!

October 2021

  1. I Walked With A Zombie 1943
  2. Eyes Without a Face 1959
  3. La Maschera Del Demonio (aka Black Sunday) 1960
  4. The Innocents 1961
  5. Onibaba 1964
  6. Daughters Of Darkness 1971
  7. Ganja & Hess 1973
  8. Belladonna of Sadness 1973
  9. Don't Look Now 1973
  10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974
  11. Phantom of the Paradise 1974
  12. Satanico Pandemonium 1975
  13. Alucarda 1977
  14. House 1977
  15. Cat People 1982
  16. The Hunger 1983
  17. Re-Animator 1985
  18. Hellraiser 1987
  19. Candyman 1992
  20. A Tale of Two Sisters 2003
  21. The Loved Ones 2009
  22. Raw 2016
  23. Cam 2018
  24. In Fabric 2018
  25. Bit 2019
  26. La Llorona 2019
  27. Possessor 2020
  28. Host 2020
  29. Vampires vs. the Bronx 2020
  30. Fear Street Trilogy 2021
  31. Candyman 2021

Happy October! 



I've replaced the following:

Nina Forever 2015
The Lodge 2019
Scare Me 2020

with the following:

A Tale of Two Sisters 2003
Bit 2019
Vampires vs. the Bronx 2020