Goodbye Keystone XL Pipeline, the Fight Continues

Oil Industry Unleashes Attack Dogs

After over a decade of organizing we've got some good news: the Keystone XL Pipeline has officially been cancelled. This pipeline has been a scourge to the environment and a violation of treaties with indigenous communities long enough for its full approval to ping pong between three U.S. presidents, all the while leading to countless oil spills and arrests of water protectors. 

In 2016 criminal charges where brought against journalist Amy Goodman for reporting on the Standing Rock community organizing at another line: the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Democracy Now crew was able to capture some blood on camera, because the oil industry isn't above siccing dogs on water defenders.


The fight goes on as pressure continues against Enbridge Line 3

The Sierra Club has a handy video on the environmental impact of tar sands pipelines like the Keystone XL and Enbridge lines.