Cops Show Pride Like Schoolyard Bullies

cops clash with pride
Even though organizers at NYC Pride banned the NYPD from their celebrations, the bully cops showed up at peaceful gatherings to assert their egos and disrupt good times this weekend.


Meanwhile killer cop Derek Chauvin was sentenced 22.5 years, though is expected to serve 15. Georg Floyd's brother Rodney said: “This right here is — this 22-year sentence they gave this man, it’s a slap on the wrist. We’re serving life sentences not having him in our life." I'm all for prison abolition and its replacement with rehabilitation, but I'm not upset about racists murderers spending years in a shitty system they perpetuate.  

Cops will stick together when one of their own gets slapped though. Recently in Portland a whole unit of cry babies quit because their buddy officer Corey Budworth was charged for repeatedly beating a woman with his baton at a protest last summer. Last year a Buffalo squad resigned under similar circumstances. I'm all for it. Please quit and stay away from people. Back in New York, NYPD lawyers continue to stall in the court cases brought on by last year's George Floyd protesters. (Update: And in NJ, officer Spencer Finch gets suspended for being caught on camera assaulting a black man last May. He had turned his body camera off; luckily his partner didn't.)

Alas, President Biden is vowing to increase police funding in a bad faith attempt to combat gun violence. This, of course, is opposed to what activists have been fighting for: investment in community, not police.

Happy Pride? For a future of anti-corporate and anti-cop celebrations consider supporting the Reclaim Pride Coalition, which held its third Queer Liberation March Sunday.

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